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The Black Crowes - Amorica. (1994)
Artist/Composer The Black Crowes
Length 58:32
Format CD
Genre Southern Rock
Label American Recordings
Index 391
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 Gone 05:08
02 A Conspiracy 04:46
03 High Head Blues 04:01
04 Cursed Diamond 05:56
05 Nonfiction 04:16
06 She Gave Good Sunflower 05:48
07 P.25 London 03:39
08 Ballad In Urgency 05:39
09 Wiser Time 05:32
10 Downtown Money Waster 03:41
11 Descending 05:50
12 Tied Up And Swallowed (Bonus Track) 04:16
Purchase Date 20-4-2002
Price € 6,50
Store Mega Platenbeurs
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Date of Release November 1, 1994

On Amorica, the Black Crowes finally come into their own, taking their cue from the most relaxed, groove-oriented tracks on their previous album. While the album contains no immediately obvious singles, the songs are the best the band has ever written, stretching out into a hard, jam-oriented, funky blues-rock. The Black Crowes' influences are still discernable - no band celebrates the glory days of rock culture quite as enthusiastically - but they use the music of the Stones, the Faces, and Little Feat much the same way the Stones used the music of Chuck Berry: it's a starting point that leads the band into a new direction, incorporating different musical genres and making the music original. That sense of reinterpretation is what keeps Amorica fresh.