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Joan Osborne - Relish (1995)
Artist/Composer Joan Osborne
Length 61:11
Format CD
Genre Contemporary Folk
Label PolyGram Records
Index 398
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 St. Teresa 05:22
02 Man In The Long Black Coat 04:50
03 Right Hand Man 05:00
04 Pensacola 04:31
05 Dracula Moon 06:18
06 One Of Us 05:21
07 Ladder 04:12
08 Spider Web 05:32
09 Let’s Just Get Naked 05:09
10 Help Me 05:15
11 Crazy Baby 06:33
12 Lumina 03:08
Purchase Date 20-4-2002
Price € 8,00
Store Mega Platenbeurs
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Thanks to: Paul Rosselli, Tom Fritze, Sue Bodine, Rebecca Meek, Amy Seigel, Michele Galman, Doug Schoemer, Dr. Marion Cousins, Lori, Daniel and Joshua Chertoff and Everyone at Mercury Records.

Special thanks to: the musicians (past, present and future), the audiences, and friends way too numerous to name.

Leo Osborne appears courtesy of the Home Grown Lopes

Management: David Sonenberg for DAS Communications, Ltd
Booking: Barry Weisblatt, Alex Kochan for Artists & Audience Entertainment
Attorney: Suan Bodine at Bodine Herzog, New York, NY
Hypnotist: Steve Srebeneck
Package Design: Chris Thompson
Photography: Terry Richardson
Collage Art: Joan Osborne & Chris Thompson
A&R Coordination: Michele Galman

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