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Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk (2002)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Tori Amos
Length 73:58
Format CD
Genre Alt-Folk; Folk-Rock
Label Epic
Index 437
Collection Status In Collection
Keyboards-Various Tori Amos
Vocals Tori Amos
Songwriter Tori Amos
Engineer Adam Spry
Engineer Marcel van Limbeek
Engineer Mark Hawley
Producer Tori Amos
Track List
01 Amber Waves 03:39
02 A Sorta Fairytale Long Version 05:29
03 Wednesday 02:29
04 Strange 03:07
05 Carbon 04:35
06 Crazy 04:27
07 Wampum Prayer 00:44
08 Don't Make Me Come To Vegas 04:52
09 Sweet Sangria 04:02
10 Your Cloud 04:30
11 Pancake 03:55
12 I Can't See New York 07:16
13 Mrs. Jesus 03:06
14 Taxi Ride 04:01
15 Another Girl's Paradise 03:36
16 Scarlet's Walk 04:18
17 Virginia 03:56
18 Gold Dust 05:56
Purchase Date 24-4-2003
Price € 11,99
Store Media Markt
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 696998641228
Perhaps Tori Amos didn't intentionally whittle her audience down to merely the rabidly devoted ever since Boys for Pele, but it sure seemed that way with the deliberately abstract arrangements, double albums, and cover records. That devoted cult may be all that pay attention to Scarlet's Walk, her first album for Epic, but it marks a return to the sound and feel of Under the Pink and is her best album since then. Much was made at the time of release about its concept - conceived as a journey through modern womanhood, when Tori herself journeyed through each state in the union - but following the narrative is secondary to the feel of the music, which is warm, melodic, and welcoming, never feeling labored as so much of her last four albums often did. This doesn't mean it's an altogether easy listen: an intensive listen reveals layers of pain and an uneasiness murmuring underneath the surface, but it's delivered reassuringly, in croons and lush arrangements that nevertheless are filled with quirks, making it both comforting and provocative. Which, of course, is what Tori Amos delivered in her early years. If this isn't as startling as Little Earthquakes or majestic as Under the Pink, so be it. It's confident, alluring, and accomplished, luring listeners in instead of daring them to follow. And, frankly, it's a relief that she finally delivered another record like that.

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